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Looking for Deep Tissue Massage in Norman OK? How about a Hot Oil Massage in Oklahoma City? Absolutely Heaven Massage & Day Spa offers the best in  Deep Tissue Massage Oklahoma City and Hot Oil Massage Norman OK.
Suite 110, Moore, OK 7316

Swedish Massage
Your basic relaxation massage.
30, 60 or 90 minutes.
Deep Tissue Massage
Getting deeper into the muscles working out knots and trigger points.
30, 60 or 90 minutes.
Pregnancy Massage
Great for the expectant mother, a relaxing and safe massage to help with aches and pains or just to pamper you.
30 or 60 minutes.
Hot Oil Massage
Swedish massage with hot oil incorporated.
30, 60 or 90 minutes.
Warm Stone Massage
Includes placement of stone on muscsle groups to warm up and loosen areas of tension to provide a deeper, more relaxing massage.
60 or 90 minutes.
Reflexology Treatment
Working points in your feet to provide harmony to your entire body. This is NOT just a foot massage.
30 minutes.
Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Salt products are massaged into the skin to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, increase circulation and create a silky soft and radiant glow to the body.
30 minutes.
Kaolin Clay Wrap
Stimulates circulation in stagnant cellulite areas, exfoliates and softens the skin while allowing the physiology to detoxify.
60+ minutes.
Kombu Sea Tangle Wrap
Draws out excess water and impurities, rejuvenates the skin and stimulates the metabolic system to hydrate and detoxify while leaving the skin soft and hydrated.
60+ minutes.
Paraffin Hand & Foot Treatment
Hands & feet are dipped in the healing & relaxing warmth of therapeutic paraffin wax to ease pain & stiffness & hydrate and soften the skin.
30 minutes.
Deluxe Paraffin Hand & Foot Treatment
Overworked hands & feet are soaked & exfoliated before the paraffin dip.
45 minutes.
Ionic Foot Detox
The primary benefit of this treatment: The body is provided with a powerful antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals & stores hydrogen in the main organs of the body.
30 minutes.
Save Your Sole Foot Treatment
Brings relief to tired and over-stressed feet with an ionic Foot Bath Treatment, Sea Salt foot and leg scrub and a smooth massage for your feet & calves.
60 minutes.
Facial Treatment
Deep cleanses, exfoliates, increases circulation and detoxifies.
30 minutes.
Ear Candling
A hollow candle that can get rid of inches of impacted ear wax, candida infections & fungus. Can be an alternative to surgery, has the power to improve and return hearing, improves physical balance, cleanses the sinus cavities and lymphatic system, cleans toxins left by medications, eliminates ear pains and promotes healthier ears.
30 minutes.
Relaxation Package
Includes facial and 30 minute massage.

1 hour.
$65 value for $55
Ultimate Relaxation Package
Includes 90 minute relaxation massage and facial.

2 hours.
$120 value for $100
Real Relaxation Package
Includes a 60 minute relaxation massage, and facial.

1.5 hours.
$90 value for $75
Heavenly Package
Includes 60 minute relaxation massage, facial, and mud wrap.

2.5 hours.
$155 value for $135
Real Heavenly Package
Includes 90 minute relaxation massage, facial, and mud wrap.

3 hours.
$185 value for $160
Ultimately Heavenly Package
Includes 90 minute relaxation massage, facial, mud wrap, and paraffin hand & foot dip.

3.5 hours.
$210 value for $175
Absolutely Heaven Package
Includes 90 minute massage, facial, mud wrap, paraffin hand & foot dip, and ionic foot detox.

4 hours.
$230 value for $200